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Troon wins on the 2018 BoardRoom Awards almost routinely

By: January 23, 2019
2018 BoardRoom Awards

The 2018 BoardRoom Awards was the 5th year in Troon's life when they win this prestigious awards. Troon was named “Management Company of the Year” for 2018 by BoardRoom Magazine in the publication’s 20th annual “Excellence in Achievement” awards.  What makes this achievement really impressive…

The new PING G410 Plus and G410 SFT drivers

By: January 22, 2019
PING G410 Plus-SoleRender 1

With the launch of the new PING G410 Plus and G410 SFT drivers PING is introducing their movable-weight technology solution. The idea of movable-weight is new a totally new concept. Probably, TaylorMade was the first to provide this…

How Callaway FITS Shaft Analyzer affects your performance?

By: January 21, 2019
Callaway FITS Shaft Analyzer

Just like in any other area of our life our customers are expecting personalized products and services. Golf shafts are not exceptions. We can all agree that for irons and drivers the shaft type and its characteristics can…

How will The Fountaingrove Club revive?

By: January 16, 2019
The Fountaingrove Golf Club a private golf club

Do you remember the Tubbs Fire of October 2017? It was, at the time, the most destructive wildfire in California history, burning parts of Napa, Sonoma, but The Fountaingrove Club as well. The fire destroyed 5,643 structures in…

Why hyperlocal marketing can work for your golf club?

By: January 11, 2019
Hyperlocal marketing golf club marketing

Last year, during my keynote presentations at various conferences (e.g. CNIG, ADGF, CMAE etc.) I tried to explain regarding customer experience development that our golf club members, guests, and in general the empowered customers are expecting from us…

Golfing societies – Are they saving the game or killing it?

By: Miguel Franco de Sousa - President, Portugal Golf Federation January 9, 2019
Miguel Franco Sousa golf societies

With some very isolated exceptions, the sustainability of golf courses has been seriously compromised a little bit all over the world. The question is: Do we have a few golfers or too many golf courses? Or maybe a…

How could Fungolf entice people to golf?

By: January 8, 2019
Fungolf - from outside

In the National Golf Foundation’s 2018 Golf Industry Report I found that in 2017 were: 23.8 million people who played golf on a course in 2017 — the same as a year earlier. Another 8.3 million only played off-course, a…

What did Monte Rei Golf & Country Club achieve in 2018?

By: January 7, 2019
Monte Rei Golf & Country Club golf course

During the latest IGTM event in Ljubljana, Slovenia, I thought I will be able to interview David Ashington (Director of Sales & Hospitality, Monte Rei Golf & Country Club). Very soon I had to realize that due to…

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What is the weight of the new Wilson Staff D7 driver?

By: January 15, 2019
2019-Wilson Staff D7 driver-Resting

I know some of you don't hold Wilson Staff golf clubs in high esteem. However, I believe in the last 4-5 years Wilson Staff improved a lot. So, Wilson Staff is launching in these days its new Wilson…

Is there a speed limit at TaylorMade M5 drivers?

By: January 3, 2019
TaylorMade M5 driver lifestyle photo

Exactly a year ago, I had the chance to share with you what makes TaylorMade M3 drivers unique. Now, I will show you the innovation in TaylorMade M5 drivers. I hope I will find significant changes! As I…

Why the German golf industry deserves more attention?

By: December 31, 2018
My Golf Management Verband Deutschland membership & the German golf industry

Next month I will join the German Golf Management Association (GMVD). Many of my friends from the golf industry asked me what is the point to join this golf organization. I am really curious about the German golf…

Can Scottish Golf Tourism industry exceed the £325 million target?

By: December 27, 2018
Scottish Golf Tourism Industry

In 2016, the study of VisitScotland and Scottish Enterprise found that the Scottish golf tourism industry worths £286 million. The Scots are very optimistic now. A review of Scotland’s National Golf Tourism Strategy has extended the industry’s target…

Who will recognize Turtle Bay Resort in 2019?

By: December 19, 2018
Turtle Bay Resort Arnold Palmer Course

Don't worry nothing bad happened at the Turtle Bay Resort on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. For those of you, who are not familiar with the Turtle Bay Resort, it is located on Oahu’s famed North Shore, approximately 50 minutes…

How golf club employee experience impacts CX?

By: December 17, 2018
Golf club employee experience development finding the ideal candidates

In these days I am reading Micah Solomon's 'The Heart of Hospitality' book. Although it is about the hotel business (e.g. Marriott International, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts), we as golf clubs and…

Vokey’s HandGround program: feel like tour players!

By: December 14, 2018
Bob-Vokey-HandGround-For golfers seeking tour-level customizations

There is no week when I do not hear about the importance of product and service personalization.  Do you remember Mac Daddy 4 Callaway Custom Wedges from February 2018?  Callaway is offering tour-level customization & personalization for Mac Daddy…

For risk avoiders in 2019: the new Wilson Staff D7 irons

By: December 11, 2018
Wilson Staff D7 iron-2019-Beauty-Photography-7-Iron-4

Do you remember the award-winning Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 irons from 2017?  If not, then I will summarize below the essence of the Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 irons: In the Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 irons we…

Madinaty Golf facilitates to 600,000 people

By: December 10, 2018
Madinaty Golf Image

I must admit that I don't hear to much about golf development in Egypt, unlike in Oman, Qatar, Morocco etc. The R&A's latest 'Golf Around the World' publication says Egypt (25 golf clubs) is not among the TOP5…

The Shropshire Golf Centre & the return on customer experience investment

By: December 6, 2018
Burhill Golf and Leisure (BGL)-The Shropshire Golf Centre-Stuart-Perry-GM

In less than a year, I had the chance to talk about customer experience measurement both with Colin Mayes (CEO, Burhill Group) and Guy Riggott (Operations Director, Burhill Group) about customer experience measurement. It was great to hear…